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Adding an ADU to Your Real Estate Project

By December 12, 2020June 29th, 2023Hard Money Lenders
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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is defined as a self-contained living quarters inside of, attached to, or on the same lot as the property’s existing single-family home. Many people refer to ADUs as an “in-law suite.” To be considered an accessory dwelling unit, the specific area must have certain characteristics, including:

  • Living area;
  • Sleeping area;
  • Kitchen; and
  • Bathroom

An ADU does not need to be large. In fact, ADUs can be as small as 250 square feet. Hence, many house flippers consider adding an ADU to a remodeled home by updating an attic space, basement or garage. In addition, there is the option to add an ADU that is a standalone structure with multiple bedrooms and more than one story built on its own foundation.

Review Local Ordinances and Regulations

When it comes to adding an ADU to a home, it is important to thoroughly review relevant zoning laws in your particular jurisdiction. This is important because zoning laws vary greatly depending on the local municipality in which your property resides. Here is a summary of the ADU ordinance in Los Angeles county

The Impact of an ADU on Resale Value

Whether an ADU will actually increase the resale value of the home depends on a myriad of factors, especially local market conditions and trends. Other relevant factors include:

  • Population size in the local market;
  • Housing availability;
  • HOA restrictions.

The decision to add an ADU in a house flip is typically influenced by inventory shortages, aging-in-place trends, and other market forces related to what home buyers are looking for in a particular property.

As with any decision made during a fix-and-flip, the overarching objective is to maximize the ROI on the project. Reason being, you should invest the time in determining the following:

  • The as-is value of the property;
  • The construction costs associated with project improvements; and
  • The potential after-repair value (ARV) those improvements will return in the existing market.

Once this analysis is done, you can gauge whether the ARV will generate a significant return on investment to the point where adding an ADU is worth the additional time and expense. If you need funding to add an ADU to a renovation project, consider applying for a hard money loan in Los Angeles.

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When you are renovating a home, (which could include adding an ADU to the property), it is perfectly understandable to want to maximize resale value as much as possible in as many different ways as possible. With the addition of a new dwelling unit, the hope is that the increased value will result in higher profit margins for the investor.

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