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Can Borrowers Get Hard Money with Existing Loans in Place?

By September 16, 2014June 29th, 2023Blog
Hard Money with Existing Loans

PB Financial Group is a leading provider of hard money loans in Los Angeles. As such, we receive frequent inquiries from individuals who have little or no experience working with a hard money lender. We consider it a vital part of our job to help educate the community about what a hard money lender actually does, and what options are available to those seeking hard money loans. One common question we see is related to existing loans and the availability of hard money capital.

If you have an existing loan tied to the property for which you are seeking a hard money loan, we can still provide you with a hard money loan depending on the circumstances. Hard money loans are tied into a property’s equity; if the value of the equity is greater than the existing balance of the loan, we can give you a subordinate hard money loan in order to meet you goals. We are happy to work with clients in a variety of situations to work out solutions specific to their needs. Even if the property is currently is in vacant, unimproved or a major disarray, we might be able to provide an injection of hard money that can help get you back on your feet and meet you financial goals.

The bottom line is that no two loans are the same, just as no two properties or business owners are the same. If you’re saddled with an unfavorable loan or are looking for alternative financing options, PB Financial Group would love to hear from you so that we can discuss possible hard money solutions. We have become a leading service providing hard money loans in Los Angeles by listening to our clients and delivering unmatched transparency and service.

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