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Hard Money Loans: A Valuable Tool for New Real Estate Investors

By September 23, 2017June 29th, 2023Hard Money Loans

With the current job crisis and the general instability of the economy, getting a traditional loan in this day and age can be a nightmare for even the most financially savvy among us. This is especially true for new real estate investors in California, who are often in most need of funding from a traditional bank, but are rarely granted. The professionals at PB Financial Group are experts in providing hard money loans in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for over a decade.

Why would an investor want to approach a hard money lender in Los Angeles rather than a traditional bank? Simple – hard money loans provide versatility, simplicity, and accessibility.


Fix-and-flip real estate often requires large, short term loans that are paid back within a year or less. Naturally, traditional banks will turn away as what is considered a risky proposition. Thankfully, non-traditional short-term loans are one of many versatile loan setups that hard money lenders such as PB Financial Group can provide.


Thankfully, hard money loans do away with the tediousness of traditional loan applications in favor of simple, no-strings-attached forms that won’t keep you in a lender’s office all day. After all, real estate investment is about doing research and closing deals, not waiting for them to happen on their own.


Time is money and PB Financial Group knows this all too well. With a hard money loan, an investor can apply and attain needed funds as soon as 7-10 business days. PB Financial Group makes everything possible.
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