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Obtaining a Hard Money Loan

By June 10, 2019December 14th, 2021Hard Money Loans in Orange County
hard money loan in Orange County

One of the most common misconceptions of hard money lenders is that borrowers only seek them out when they are facing some type of financial difficulty. Although it is true that one can be approved for a hard money loan in Orange County even if they have filed for bankruptcy, or if their property is facing foreclosure, but those are not the only reasons why hard money loans are sought out.

One of the main advantages in securing a hard money loan over a typical bank loan is the time frame in which the loans are approved. Under certain conditions, hard money loans can be secured as soon as 24 hours, but normal turnaround time is 2 weeks. This is especially convenient when you need a quick turnaround for that special investment property.

Part of the reason for a bank’s interminable delay is due to the levels of bureaucracy that must be navigated in order to secure a loan. Credit ratings, FICO scores, tax documents, employment documents, and numerous other qualifying factors prevent a timely turnaround for a loan that may be needed quickly. Hard money loans, on the other hand, are not based on any of the traditional criteria for obtaining a loan, but focus on the equity of the said property. Focusing on the tangible assets of the property’s equity allows the lenders to make determinations of loan feasibility in a more rapid manner.

Essentially, hard money lenders see themselves as partners in the financial transaction, so they will work with you to finalize your loan in ways that traditional financial institutions simply cannot.

Many people think of hard money loans as a last resort, but nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the fact that it is possible to retain a hard money loan in Orange County and surrounding areas when in financial strain; hard money lenders can look past foreclosures, bankruptcies, and low credit ratings.
A hard money loan is sometimes the most practical way to obtain a short-term financial fulfillment.
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