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Probates and Estate Loans

By January 13, 2015June 29th, 2023Blog

PB Financial Group is one of the leading hard money lenders in Los Angeles. We’ve helped dozens of clients improve their businesses, expand their residential properties, and capitalize on new opportunities. At PB Financial Group, we consider ourselves partners in and advocates for our clients’ success. One of our core values is providing flexible, adaptive lending to cover a wide variety of situations.

For example, did you know that PB Financial Group offers financing for administrators, executors and successor trustees to settle estate debts and give the administrators cash infusion to be able to settle estate expenses.

About Probate and Estate Loans

PB Financial Group offers financing to the heirs of trust beneficiaries and probate estates. And we work hard to make the process as simple as possible, dealing directly with the attorney/executor of the state and the client to determine what financing is required and how to best structure the loan. These loans are relatively straightforward; payments are made directly from the probate estate and the heirs keep the remaining money. It’s all about providing effective, transparent options for handling financial obligations.

Processing Time

We pride ourselves on fast, efficient, no-hassle processing of loans of all types. Our probate and estate loans are no different. As long as the probate case is either currently open or about to be opened, we can ensure heirs receive their funds in just a matter of days. Terms and costs vary depending on complexity, of course, but overall we make the process as pain-free as possible.

As a hard money lender in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco, we proudly serve our clients with fast, attentive service and no-surprise terms. For more information or questions about probate or estate loan please contact us at 323.935.5555 or visit

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