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Strategy for a Quicker Flip

By September 10, 2019June 29th, 2023Hard Money Lenders in Los Angeles
Hard Money Lenders in Los Angeles

If your goal is to fix and flip a real estate property investment, the quicker you’re able to flip, the better.

Selling or renting your investment property quickly saves you money in the long run. The associated holding costs (finance interest, property taxes, utilities, etc.) can add up in a hurry, so time is of the essence.

In this issue, PB Financial Group – the trusted, efficient, and reputable hard money lender in Los Angeles – will discuss strategic steps to flipping a property as quickly as possible.

  1. Identify Buyers

    You don’t have to wait for the renovations to be completed before listing the property for sale or rent. The key is to know your audience (eligible buyers).

  2. Partner with a Trusted Contractor

    Time frames for contractual work on properties often vary from what’s initially quoted. The important thing is to hire a reputable contractor that will always keep you in the know, so that you’ll have time to adjust if any problems or delays were to come up.

  3. Expert Real Estate Agent

    The expertise of a successful real estate agent is priceless. In addition to helping you market the property, a real estate agent can help add more value to the property such as suggesting specific upgrades that result in more sales leads.

  4. Do Not Overprice

    This is a crucial step. Overpricing your property can mean that it can sit on the market for months – costing you more money.

    To avoid that, work with your real estate agent and research similar properties within the neighborhood to get a solid idea of the right price point for your property.

  5. Have Alternate Plan

    If the market shifts or the economy takes a turn, you need to be protected;hence, it is in your best interest to have an alternate plan in place such as leasing the property if it is not sold within anticipated the time frame.

Secure Financing For Your Investment Property by Calling PB Financial Group.

If you’ve identified a potential investment property, the expert hard money lenders at PB Financial Group are here to help turn your dreams into a reality.

In addition to quickly processing your loan, we can provide you with invaluable advice for how to get the most from your investment.
To learn more or to schedule a consultation please contact PB Financial Group at 877.700.3703 or visit for further information.

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