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Hard Money Lender in Los Angeles

By October 11, 2013June 29th, 2023Blog
Hard Money Lenders

The world of investment is moving at a rapid pace. Loans, once limited exclusively to banks and private institutions, are expanding rapidly. Hard money lending is on the rise, thanks to its flexibility, convenience, and focus on providing consumers with fast, usable currency to aid in real estate purchases.

At PB Financial Group, we are aware that attaining a reputable and reliable hard money lender is no easy task. And we know the stress that comes with attempting to find a loan for a business or property that won’t last through weeks of red tape, phone calls, and other hassles. As a leading hard money lender in Los Angeles we’ve made every effort to streamline our processes and ensure our customers receive quick, efficient service that keeps them moving forward with their financial goals.

Speed of Solutions

One of the core components of our stellar industry reputation is our ability to deliver quickly. We have provided fast financing solutions to dozens of clients, because we realize the value of your time when it comes to real estate and investing. Our response time is unmatched –and we can have you approved in no time before other lenders have even responded to your initial inquiry.


The funding behind hard money loans comes from private lenders. These lenders use either investment capital or other liquid assets to help back your loan. Because risk is split between several lenders and backed up by collateral, hard money loans are more flexible than traditional loans and can even be offered to clients who may not qualify for traditional bank loans.

Finding a hard money lender in Los Angeles does not have to be a challenging task. At PB Financial Group, we work hard to ensure the loan you receive is timely and efficient. For more information about California’s premier hard money lender, please visit or contact us at 323.935.5555.

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