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Hard Money Lenders — “No Money Down” The Easy Way

By June 15, 2016June 29th, 2023Hard Money Lenders
hard money lenders los angeles

PB Financial Group Corporation is a direct CA private money / hard money lender in Los Angeles on commercial and residential properties that offers flexible, fast, asset-based lending for all corporations, estates, and borrowers that don’t meet the strict requirements of conventional underwriting rules.

We always make fast lending decisions, and we can streamline the processing of a loan. This provides a quick turnaround time, especially in making a lending decision with an aim of solving your monetary needs.

Our loans offer rate & term, investor loans, purchase, and cash out without any limit for commercial and residential properties; limited liability corporations, corporations, estates, Delaware corporations, and foreign nationals; whether they are non-owner occupied, owner occupied, second home, or even investment properties.

We are one of the equity-based lenders. We approve loan applications basing on the equity of the property, and the ability of the borrowers to repay the loan. We always look past the credit and even payment history of the borrower. All borrowers should have 30% of more in equity in their properties as a minimum requirement.

However, in case the equity is not enough, we can cross-collateralize the loan applied to any other property owned by the borrower. Our rates always start from 8.50% and go up based on the scenario and fixed for all Fully Amortized Rates or ARM or Interest Only depending on the needs of the borrower. APR is unique for every individual customer`s needs.

For further information on how PB Financial Group can help you please contact us 323.935.5555 at or visit

PB Financial NMLS #357614/DRE #01522495

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