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Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate Investments

By September 15, 2015June 29th, 2023Blog

Investing in real estate, especially when you plan to buy and flip houses quickly, can be an exciting business. The best investors identify an opportunity in a neighborhood and put the financing together to make the project profitable. Hard money loans often make these deals possible. If you are sizing up an investment opportunity, here are three common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Expecting the repair process to be smooth.

    No matter how many nightmarish stories about home repairs circulate, some investors still expect the process to go smoothly. Improvement projects always have some variables to plan for along the way, from unexpected damage to lackluster work or irresponsible behavior by the contractor. The only way to make sure you are protected is to have enough money in a contingency fund to cover the issues that arise.

  2. Spending too much on improvements.

    Improving a house is an essential part of making a property attractive, but you don’t want to overdo it. Research the local market to understand what buyers are looking for in the neighborhood so you can meet their expectations rather than exceed them. By staying within the market’s wheelhouse, you’ll get the most out of the cash you borrow via hard money loans in Los Angeles.

  3. Bad timing.

    If you do get a hard money loan, timing can become a problem whether with a contractor or buyer. Therefore, be as precise and realistic as possible about the time it will take to fix and sell your investment property and apply for a hard money loan with assurance that you will be ready to pay the loan back in time.

Hard money loans in Los Angeles are real estate investor’s ally when handled the right way. For further information or how PB Financial Group can help you please visit or contact us at 323.935.5555.

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