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PB Financial Group Celebrates 10 Years in Business

By November 19, 2015June 29th, 2023Blog, PB Financial Group Anniversary
PB Financial Group Anniversary

Becoming one of the top hard money lenders in Los Angeles does not happen without a strong client base, and the 10-year anniversary of PB Financial Group is a moment to thank our customers for your business. As our clients have kept coming over that decade, the commitment to improving our services has kept investors coming back. We plan to do more so you keep us at the top of your list in 2016 and beyond.

What PB Financial Has Done Right for 10 Years

An anniversary is first and foremost an opportunity to look back at what has gone right for the past 10 years. The list begins with the ability to deliver fast solutions to our customers. We understand that business opportunities do not always wait for bank approval and they do not always go through traditional lending channels.

As the premier hard money lenders in Los Angeles, our focus has been on finding answers for clients who need a bridge loan or hard money loan. The underwriting guidelines and usual hard requirements of bank loans have a way of taking many investors out of the game before it has even begun. Fixing that problem is the key to being a successful private money lender.

What’s Next for Customers Looking for Hard Money Loans

What has made PB Financial Group stay strong for 10 years offers a blueprint for what’s next. Customers treasure the flexibility, transparency and fairness of our lending process, so we plan to make these areas even stronger. That means working on faster approval and providing more transparency in the coming years.

Every investment requires due diligence, and part of the process means taking a look at your source of funding. You have options for hard money lenders in Los Angeles, and PB Financial recognizes your choice in our business. We thank you for your support and promise even better service in the coming decade.

Contact PB Financial Group for solutions to your hard money needs at 323.935.5555 or visit to learn more about our services.

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