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Private Hard Money Investors in Orange County

By July 13, 2016June 29th, 2023Private Hard Money Investors

Finding the capital for expanding your business or even an opportunity for making extra money that you require to make the monetary moves that are necessary for your life can be difficult. This applies in particular if you are facing deadlines or even close of escrows and there is a necessity to act swiftly. PB Financial Group Corporation is your ultimate solution for hard money loans in Orange County and its environs. The company can access the capital that you require so that you achieve your business growth and take advantage of any opportunity that will have a significant financial gain to you.

If you need Bridge Financing or Business Purpose Private Money in Huntington Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Fullerton, and the neighborhood of the larger Orange County Community, we are the right partners. Our company`s direct approach to investor and borrowers gives us the advantage to offer the best pricing and the fastest possible timelines in the business.

Besides, our loan approvals are always determined basing on the value of your residential or commercial income generating asset, and an evaluation of your capability to repay the loan, not necessarily basing on your past problems or credit report. Due to our direct approach, we can accommodate various financial needs of your business.

As a company, we offer hard money loans in Orange County for all types of Real Estate, right from Multi-unit industrial, retail, auto-related, residential, and other sorts of commercial real estate properties in the entire Orange County Community.

Why Choose Us?

As the hard money financing profiles continue to rise daily, there are different operators that appear on the scene. Therefore, it can be hard for a real estate investor to choose between different available hard money lenders. However, PB Financial Group is a reputable lender that always stands above the others. Here is why:

  • More flexibility

    Indeed, PB Financial Group is one of the major players in the hard money business. We can commission our loans without the need to involve a middleman. The company is independent of all traditional financial institutions. This enables us to be flexible as far as our lending criteria are concerned. So, patchy credit histories or self-employment are not deal-breakers. As leaders in the business, we consider the value of your property.

  • Quicker approval process

    At PB Financial Group, we always move much faster than any traditional lender. As our client, you will not be left waiting for a solution. Truly, we strive to ensure that all loans are reviewed and approved 7-14 business days after receiving your application. This is a significant advantage, especially for a real estate investor who wants to close a deal as soon as possible.

  • Fair operator

    We are a transparent and fair company. PB Financial Group puts your interests as a customer first, and always ready to help you succeed.

For further information or to schedule a meeting to see how PB Financial can help you please contact us at 949.266.0206 or visit

PB Financial NMLS #357614/DRE #01522495

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