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Top Reasons to Choose a Hard Money Lender

By June 19, 2015June 29th, 2023Blog
Hard Money Loans Los Angeles

Borrowing money from a bank is easy when you have perfect credit and a solid employment history. However, many borrowers find themselves unable to meet the terms offered by traditional financial institutions. In these situations, you should consider a hard money loan.
Reasons to consider:

1. Easy pre-qualifying

Knowing where you stand is important when time is of the essence. The best hard money lenders offer fast ways to pre-qualify so you know where you stand and can get started with the application as soon as possible. In a process that last no more than a few weeks, this opening step is important. PB Financial qualifies borrower in as little as 2 hours, when did bank ever do that.

2. You have a piece of real estate with value

Your property is what secures a hard money loan, so try to match what you are looking to borrow based on the value of the real estate. The limit is usually between one half and three quarter the value of that property, so manage your expectations accordingly, but real estate is an essential part of the equation, but it doesn’t matter if your real estate is residential, multi unit, commercial, industrial, warehouse or land, PB Financial lends on all sorts of properties in California.

3. Closing times are very fast

Many clients come to us when they need to close a loan in a matter of weeks. Closing times do not generally drag on for long when applying for a hard money loan in Los Angeles. In fact, you may be able to close in as little as 3-5 business days with everything in place.

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