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Understanding the Basics of Hard Money Loans

By October 14, 2014June 29th, 2023Blog
The Basics of Hard Money Loans

PB Financial is a leading provider of hard money loans in Northern and Southern California. Our job is helping our clients achieve their goals by providing flexible, efficient, and fast investment capital. We often talk to new clients who are unfamiliar with hard money loans and how they differ from loans through a traditional lending institution, so it’s important for us to take a moment to walk through some of the more basic concepts hard money loans entail. Hard money loans have their own unique criteria that often differs from that of banks and credit unions.

Not Credit or Income Based

Unlike normal loans, hard money business purpose loans are not based on your ability to repay as evidenced by your credit score or current income. Instead, a hard money loan is secured by the equity in your property. Because hard money loans are not based on traditional lending criteria, we can be more flexible in our approach to offering loans regardless of your credit history. PB Financial Group is able to use your property as the primary factor in offering you a loan, thus making it easier for you to find the capital you need.

Different Terms

Hard money loans are generally more short-term options than traditional loans. Hard money lenders in Los Angeles are able to more quickly process your loan, which means you can get your needed influx of capital more quickly than you would working with a bank or other lending institution. Interest rates are less standardized and have more to do with your individual situation; speak with your hard money lender for specific rates.

Overall, hard money loans are a viable option for business owners looking to expand their operations, make renovations, secure a new property, or grow their vision. The flexible, fast approach found at leading hard money lenders such as PB Financial Group can be exactly what a business needs to take the next step toward success.

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