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Hard Money Loans are about Seizing Golden Opportunities

By July 20, 2019June 29th, 2023Blog, Hard Money Loans in Orange County

When presented with an opportunity the biggest hurdle is usually solid, reliable, and quick financing. Without funding, your incredible business opportunity becomes just another lost opportunity. PB Financial Group fills the vital role of providing hard money loans in Orange County, enabling you to indeed seize your golden opportunity.

Financial Support

Teamwork Wins Over “I” every time. This is true whether your projects involve real estate (residential & commercial), investing, rehabbing, corporations (LLCs, Delaware Corporations, Partnerships, etc.), probate estates, or other asset backed financing needs. You want your lender to be a trusted teammate in it for the long term. One that can offer valuable insight and assurance;a teammate capable of delivering 5 to 10 day, hard money loans in Orange County and surrounding areas, turnaround.
PB Financial Group helps an investor understand his or her financing (interest rate, terms, prepayment penalty, cost, title issues, etc.). Not every loan closes in 5 to 10 days but working as a team, it is possible even when appraisal report orders, open/order escrow, and title insurance must be accomplished.

Hard Money Loans Help in Challenging Times

Maybe your situation isn’t an incredible business opportunity. Maybe your immediate financial need is about preventing a bad situation from becoming irreparable. If you have bad credit, are under foreclosure, have current/past bankruptcy, or are under a notice of default, we may be able to assist you regardless of the circumstances.
We believe in diverse approaches for supporting asset based lending. Our hard money loans include Stated and No Doc programs for qualified investment properties and other non-owner occupied properties.

PB Financial Group – Every Step of the Way

Traditional and institutional loans aren’t always the best solution. Compliance requirements and ridged financing guidelines make approval processing drag on for weeks and months only to end with a firm NO. Although not typical, PB Financial Group can fund loans in as little as 24 hours.
Your golden opportunity deserves prompt attention. Quick and easy financing is ready for:

  • Capital acquisitions
  • Property development
  • Foreclosure bailouts
  • Debt-consolidation
  • Bankruptcy discharges
  • Probate resolutions
  • Loans to administrator/executor of an estate in probate
  • And many other unique asset based opportunities

PB Financial Group harnesses their resources with speed and proficiency.To start your loan request, please submit a loan application here and a loan officer will contact you for further information or visit to learn more.

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