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How to Structure a Hard Money Loan Request

hard money lenders in Sacramento

For many investors, hard money loans represent their best option for turning speculation into a reliable revenue stream. On our site, you’ll find information about the basics of hard money loans and what makes hard money loans so attractive.
In this issue, the PB Financial Group – hard money lenders in Sacramento and surrounding areas – will share information about how to structure your hard money loan request.

While one of the best aspects of a hard money lender is their ability to underwrite loans quicker and more creatively than traditional lenders, the information you provide can be the difference maker in getting the best loan terms for your deal.

Working with a Hard Money Lender

Keep in mind that, unlike a bank, you’ll most likely be meeting directly with the decision-maker when working with a hard money lender. That’s why it literally pays to do your homework; it shows that you’re prepared and serious about making the investment work.

  1. Provide the hard money lender with as much information as possible

    In addition to explaining your plans and goals for your investment opportunity, talk about yourself. Because character and integrity mean more to the lender than your credit score, painting a broader picture of yourself and any previous investment projects you’ve been a part of will be important.

  2. Be completely honest about the investment project

    If you see potential roadblocks with the success of the project, tell your private lender about them. In other words, paint a complete picture of the opportunity for the lender – including the good, bad, and potentially troubling. The reasoning behind this is your hard money lender has an abundance of knowledge in how to make deals work but cannot apply that knowledge unless they know everything about the venture.

  3. Ensure your budget makes sense

    Most property investments will require some form of refurbishment to bring items up to code. If possible, go ahead an obtain estimates from contractors so that you can provide your hard money lender with an accurate budget outlining exactly how the funds will be spent.

How Can I get a Hard Money Loan in Sacramento?

Here at the PB Financial Group Corp, we’ve earned our strong reputation for helping Californians realize their financial dreams. If you’re looking for a highly experienced hard money lender in Sacramento contact the professionals at PB Financial Group at 877.700.3703 or complete our online form to get started.

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