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The Benefits of Choosing a Local Hard Money Lender

hard money lenders in Los Angeles

Through national marketing campaigns, huge lending companies routinely broadcast their claimed abilities to finance a project practically anywhere in the country. Their decision to finance your project, most often comes down to a simple set of numbers.

The truth of the matter is that national lenders rarely have the available insight to gauge whether an investment opportunity is worth their time.

A local hard money lender; however, is known for taking the time to assess an investment opportunity and ensuring you have the necessary resources for a successful outcome.

In this issue, PB Financial Group – leading hard money lenders in Los Angeles and surrounding areas – will discuss why it makes sense to stay local when selecting a lender for your investment opportunity.

The Better Option

Most national lenders base their decisions almost entirely on what they perceive are acceptable statistics. If your credit score and history reach a certain criterion, you get the loan; if not, you don’t.

For the local lender, the experience is a personal one because they are investing their own funds toward your project. They know what strategies work and invest in your project with the intention of a successful outcome.

The national lenders, on the other hand, usually sell their loans to third party equity firms – which means you take on all the risk. They’re usually not concerned with whether the investment opportunity will be a success or not, as their funds are no longer at risk.

Local Lenders Live Where You Invest

Local hard money lenders have invaluable insight into how the market trends.

For example, a local hard money lender will have a good understanding of best times to sell, what buyers want, what they’ll want a year from now, etc. This type of insider information is imperative and cannot be matched by the national lenders. In fact, because their focus is nationwide, they are simply incapable of focusing their attention on one specific geographical area at a time.

Local hard money lenders also have a strong reputation for ongoing one-on-one communication. Hence, provides opportunities to continually tweak your strategies for success.

National lenders, on the other hand, only know you by a set of numbers on a file. Your contact with them typically ends when your loan request is either approved or denied.

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